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Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Burrows is an experienced and insightful personal coach with a record of success in helping individuals, families, and organizations become more purposeful and effective in meeting their goals. Throughout her career she has been successful at inspiring others to think about problems from a position of curiosity and consider them as hidden opportunities for positive change.

Jennifer’s 25 years of broad professional experience as a clinical social worker and personal coach includes individual, family, and group therapy, program development and administration, staff supervision and training, organizational consultation and strategic planning. She has worked in both the private and public sectors in leadership positions, and served as an advisory member for a statewide planning effort. Jennifer has provided consultation and training for local and state organizations on the effective management of teams, team building and collaborative community program development.

Jennifer effectively leads others to assess their needs and priorities, identify strengths, explore their thinking process, and develop effective change plans for their personal and or professional growth. She is known for her creativity, contagious positive spirit, and ability to inspire self-confidence in those with whom she works.

Jennifer Burrows
Jennifer BurrowsPersonal Skills Coach
A personal coach with a personal approach to inspiring change and creative, effective personal growth.

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