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Kristi Thompson

Kristi Thompson is a seasoned executive, bringing over 30 years of managerial and consulting experience in leadership and organization development in multiple industries. Prior to consulting, Kristi held senior-level positions in Frigidaire Company, White Consolidated Industries, Electrolux, Bank One and JPMorgan Chase. Kristi has significant experience working across Western European cultures, and previously held an international assignment in Stockholm, Sweden.

She has guided leaders in building strong organizations to accelerate execution and deliver results, including shaping and shifting cultures, workforce alignment, developing leaders, leading productive teams, and succession planning. While supporting leaders in their growth strategies, Kristi also led her own teams and is proud of 95% retention, as well as ranking in the top 1% of leaders across a Fortune 500 organization.

Though she has worked with such corporate giants as JPMorgan Chase and Electrolux AB, Kristi has worked at all levels of business: site, division, corporate, regional and international. She has an entrepreneurial mindset, having grown up in a family business and started two businesses of her own – one consulting and one fashion accessories; she continues to be active in the consulting business.

In addition to holding Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Iowa State University, and securing many certifications to support her work, Kristi has honed her leadership and strategy skills through training at premier institutions, including Wharton Business School, the University of Michigan, and The Center for Creative Leadership.

Kristi brings this broad and deep experience to every client, partnering with them to create leadership and organizational capabilities that accelerate results.

Kristi’s home base is Houston, Texas.

Kristi Thompson
Kristi ThompsonExecutive & Leadership Coach
Kristi is addicted to growth. Her passion is helping leaders strengthen their impact and accelerate the achievements of their teams and their organizations.
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