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Accelerate the Change Process with the Power of the Collaborative Kinetic Insights Team.

How we do it

In a world of rapidly changing markets, emerging technology, and generational shifts, it takes evaluation, refinement and alignment of strategy to maintain competitive advantage. Purposeful leaders must personally evolve and continuously align strategy, culture, people, and performance goals.

With Kinetic Insights, you’ll have the right change agents and advisors to guide and challenge your evolution. We know how to strengthen the impact of leaders, transform individuals into focused and aligned teams and build agility and resilience into your culture.

Gail Froelicher
Gail FroelicherFounder and Change Agent
Karen Semon
Karen SemonChange Agent
Kristi Thompson
Kristi ThompsonChange Agent
Andrew Powell
Andrew PowellChange Agent
Christy Mihina
Christy MihinaChange Agent
Dr. Peter A. James
Dr. Peter A. JamesChange Agent
Ann Attayek Carr
Ann Attayek CarrChange Agent

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Shareefah Sabur
Shareefah SaburChange Agent
Lisa Withrow
Lisa WithrowChange Agent

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