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Accelerate the Change Process with the Power of the Collaborative Kinetic Insights Team.

How we do it

In a world of rapidly changing markets, emerging technology, and generational shifts, it takes evaluation, refinement and alignment of strategy to maintain competitive advantage. Purposeful leaders must personally evolve and continuously align strategy, culture, people, and performance goals.

With Kinetic Insights, you’ll have the right change agents and advisors to guide and challenge your evolution. We know how to strengthen the impact of leaders, transform individuals into focused and aligned teams and build agility and resilience into your culture.

CEO, $3 Billion Organization "The coaching process forces you to get better. Without it, I would’ve just been concentrating on getting things done." CEO Coaching Client "I started getting feedback from my team that told me this is really working. It helped tremendously.." Verna Fitzsimmons, CEO and Dean, Kansas State University Salina "Gail has been instrumental in guiding me through self-discovery and identifying my strengths. This valuable process is leading me to do what I am most passionate about and to become a stronger leader. My experience with Gail has been most valuable. I just wish I had found her 20 years ago!" Gears fitting together and turning in sync "Actually, Gail didn’t give me many answers. She forced me to pull out the answers myself by doing research from a thought perspective. We dove deeper than I ever expected to go and I discovered root causes instead of superficial excuses." Karl T. Eckweiler, VP & Deputy General Counsel, NiSource Gears fitting together and turning in sync "It was much more substantial than we originally imagined. We expected to talk about rumors and speculations - and we did that - but we came out feeling that we had a real strategy for moving forward. The process that Kinetic Insights led us through was very engaging and very open. We talked through our priorities, we identified regional and global issues and opportunities." John Covilli, Senior Vice President, Dale Carnegie Training
Gail Froelicher
Gail FroelicherFounder, Executive & Leadership Coach
Karen Semon
Karen SemonExecutive & Leadership Coach
Kristi Thompson
Kristi ThompsonExecutive & Leadership Coach
Andrew Powell
Andrew PowellExecutive & Leadership Coach
Ann Attayek Carr
Ann Attayek CarrExecutive & Leadership Coach
Christy Mihina
Christy MihinaLeadership Coach
Dr. Peter A. James
Dr. Peter A. JamesLeadership Coach
Shareefah Sabur
Shareefah SaburLeadership Coach
Lisa Withrow
Lisa WithrowLeadership Coach
Jackie Browning
Jackie BrowningLeadership Coach
Roderick (Rod) Allen
Roderick (Rod) AllenLeadership Coach

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