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We build sustained internal capability for successful teaming.

Team Effectiveness

The challenge: More teams need to make faster…and better…decisions in response to globalization, acquisitions, technology changes, and marketplace dynamics, and it’s harder than ever to achieve. Team structure, such as virtual or matrix, may impact their decision-making processes as will the organization’s approach to crises and quick fixes.

Team coaches guide in establishing operating principles to deal with conflict, foster healthy debate, implement new levels of candor, and maintain high levels of accountability and commitment.

Long-term team effectiveness comes from the very beginning.

Strong Initial Structure and Design
Effective Team Launch
Ongoing Team Coaching

Source: Richard Hackman, team effectiveness researcher

Executive Coaching Client "Anything is possible with the right mentor, opportunities, and help. Thank you again for all you do! " "Unlike a coach with solely HR experience, Gail has excellent business modeling, sales, strategic planning and communication skills. Gail has interacted with all of my direct reports and has been well received. She has become a welcomed facilitator at our strategic planning sessions." Mark Ricketts, CEO, National Church Residences "With Kinetic Insights’ help, our senior management team had a very good feeling at the end of the day because we were able to complete our responsibilities." John Covilli, Senior Vice President, Dale Carnegie Training



  • Rapid deployment of new strategies
  • Effective traditional, matrix, M&A, virtual teams
  • Expedient integration of new teams
  • Clear purpose and goals
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Commitment and accountability
  • Stakeholder management


  • Coaches guide teams in establishing operating principles
  • Roadmap for success: clear purpose, process and outcomes
  • Assessments and diagnostics
  • Facilitated conflict resolution
  • Skillful facilitation of team purpose and goals
  • Coaching for teams and team leaders

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