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Unleash your greatness through executive coaching custom designed for you.

For over 15 years, Kinetic Insights has helped leaders and teams break out of the ordinary to exceed expectations.

We are committed to ensuring our customers have the right individual or team coach for each coaching engagement where they choose to invest.  To do this, we offer Fortune 500 and mid-size companies a single phone call to a quality source of certified professional coaches to more efficiently fulfill the many current and future coaching needs our customers require.  Our customized strategic coaching plans are designed to attain measurable results from one-on-one individual leader engagements as well as intact team engagements.

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Leader Effectiveness

We challenge new and veteran leaders alike to objectively assess their true potential. From that perspective, we coach them to create environments in which shared direction, alignment, and high levels of commitment thrive.

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Team Effectiveness

Our change agents guide teams and team leaders to leverage their collective wisdom, creativity, and capability. Together, they will identify, take ownership, and solve today’s biggest business challenges.

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Culture Development

Since neither leaders nor teams operate in a vacuum, Kinetic Insights helps organizations learn to accelerate the evolution of their cultures. This accelerates the vision and strategic agendas of its leaders and teams.

We are experts that have effectively led teams in organizations just like yours.

Our coaches have deep expertise in critical management skills like executive level visioning, leading leaders, performance management, interpersonal skills, academic leadership, team coaching, industry knowledge, and more.  Most of our coaches have held executive level positions in  industry, academia or nonprofit. 


Size of Our Team


Combined Years of Coaching Experience


# of Successful Clients

In addition to real world experience, we have over  a century of combined coaching experience.

Kinetic Insights’ coaching cadre of ICF certified coaches combine past leadership experience, contextual knowledge, and long histories of successful coaching.

We understand the need for Return and Value On Investment.

The stakes are high, but our standards are higher. Our success rates are built on practices that ensure total accountability throughout.  We often start with a candid discussion with the supervising leader, the coachee and the HR coordinating team member so that we fully understand the requirements and the desired outcomes. We offer no fewer than two coaches to be interviewed and we provide thorough quarterly reporting.

We are based in Columbus, Ohio, with coaches working nationally.

Our expanding roster of ICF certified coaches are located across the United States from Los Angeles to Baltimore.  Distance is no barrier to our successful coaching.

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