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Christy Mihina

Christy Mihina is a leadership coach and organizational development consultant with over 15 years of corporate experience. In that time, she has coached and consulted Fortune 100 C-suite executives, emerging leaders at all levels, and individuals who want to make a positive change in their world.   She has deep experience in change leadership, team dynamics, leadership coaching, and organizational culture.

Christy spent much of her early career leading large-scale, complex organizational transformations. While she loved bringing together hundreds of employees and leaders to tackle business challenges, she saw that the greatest impact came from individual transformations of top-level leaders. This led to her core work in leadership and change coaching.

As a coach, Christy sheds light on issues you may not be seeing clearly – an option you weren’t aware of, a pattern that doesn’t serve you, or your own power and potential that haven’t yet been realized. Her work is based on the belief that when you are fully self- aware, you are the most powerful and best equipped to make choices about what you want. She supports her clients with deep compassion while challenging them to look in the mirror and take a courageous step forward. People who work with Christy describe her as insightful, inspiring, and “lit up” with positive energy.

Christy holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational and Leadership Development from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a certified professional coach through the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Christy’s home base is Chicago, Illinois.

Christy Mihina
Christy MihinaLeadership Coach
Christy is a change coach and organization development consultant with more than 15 years of corporate experience. Her passion is helping her clients see new possibilities, unlock the potential in themselves, and inspire those around them.

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