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We believe in your greatness.

What we do

Kinetic means movement. Insight means enlightened understanding and awareness.

Kinetic Insights’ PathFinders guide leaders, teams, and organizations in leveraging higher awareness to unleash their greatness.

We partner with leaders and their teams to generate quantum shifts and enable them to collaborate and compete in a rapidly changing environment through 3 service areas:  Leader Effectiveness, Team Effectiveness, and Culture Development.

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Leader Effectiveness

Support leaders to access their genuine potential and create environments in which shared direction, alignment and high commitment thrive.

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Team Effectiveness

Guide teams and team leaders to leverage collective wisdom, creativity and capability to solve today’s business challenges.

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Culture Development

Accelerate the evolution of your
organization’s culture to enable your
vision and strategic agenda.

Investing in Change Gets Results


Productivity Improvement in Work Performance


Productivity Improvement in Business Management Skills


Return On Investment in Coaching

Source: International Coaching Federation and BE/Metrix Global Research.

Our Process is Our Foundation


When you are ready to energize your organization and unleash your greatness, contact us for a confidential consultation.

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