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Karen Semon

Karen Semon has been coaching leaders for over 15 years. She approaches coaching as a partnership of deep listening, honest dialog, and asking powerful questions that get to the heart of the matter. Her approach is holistic as she integrates a whole person approach into her coaching. She coaches in the areas of leadership and management, social and emotional intelligence, communication, interpersonal effectiveness, conflict management, and accelerating bench strength with high-potential team members or people newly promoted.

Her coaching philosophy is based on the belief that everyone has the talent and resources within themselves to develop and maximize their true potential. Her style is a combination of compassion and directness. She begins by getting to the heart of the matter with a partnership of deep listening, honest dialog, and asking powerful questions. Karen challenges leaders to discover their leadership core, to think, to learn, and to question the norm and status quo. Her coaching provides a safe place with a trusted partner who not only has the experience of coaching, but, most importantly, the experience of sitting in the seat of a leader so that she helps illuminate deeper understanding. Change happens in coaching when self-discovery meets action. By designing actions based on these personal discoveries, Karen helps people move forward to take their life, leadership, and performance to the next level.

Karen’s ability to achieve results in coaching was honed by doing the hard stuff of running teams and organizations throughout her career. Prior to Kinetic Insights, Karen spent over 25 years in various leadership functions in retail, manufacturing, and high-tech markets, with experience in a variety of roles including marketing, operations, human resource management, organizational development, information technology, and product management. Karen held senior-level corporate positions where she managed large globally diverse teams and supported the C-Suite with people strategies.

Karen’s exceptional credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Marketing, a Master’s degree in Conflict Management, a Master’s degree in Business Psychology, and a Doctorate in Formational Leadership from Ashland Seminary. She completed the Graduate Executive Coaching program at the University of Texas at Dallas, and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through International Coach Federation. She is a certified Conflict Mediator through Eckerd College and is additionally certified in numerous assessments to include: Enneagram IEQ9, Korn Ferry 360, DiSC Profile, Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIQ-2), Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), and the Hogan Assessment System, just to name a few.

Karen’s home base is Columbus, Ohio.

Karen Semon
Karen SemonExecutive & Leadership Coach
Unique insight into organizational behavior and leadership with a distinctive approach to coaching.

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