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Leader Effectiveness

The Challenge: Twenty-first century leaders must create a vision with multi-generational appeal. They must continually align their strategies with constantly changing market requirements and successfully engage diverse stakeholders.

Kinetic Insights ICF Certified coaches guide leaders in utilizing targeted choices to achieve greater authenticity, higher visibility, and stronger personal impact to meet…and exceed…today’s leadership challenges.

Executives Report Significant Benefits from Working with a Coach

Improved Relationships
Say They at Least Made Their Investment Back
Would Repeat The Process

Source:  ICF Global Client Coaching Study by Association Resource Centre Inc. and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Nicole Luisi, Aileron "Karen is a great listener and asks empowering questions that allowed me to "dig deeper" and discover the true meaning or cause behind situations. She held me accountable and I experienced great results that will help me throughout life, both personally and professionally, and help my sponsoring organization." Paul, Vice President, Regulated Industry "Kristi helped me close the gap on some feedback I have received over the years about how people experience me.  I always walked away from that information with the desire to change, but I was never [previously] able to observe and diagnose the specific behaviors that were leaving people with those unfavorable impressions." "There had to be something more. I’m thirty years into my career and I’ve been through a lot of programs over the years to improve my leadership style. I wanted to get out of my own way and learn more." Karl T. Eckweiler, VP & Deputy General Counsel, NiSource "I would say one thing, but my non-verbals would say something completely different and it wasn’t at all what I wanted to communicate to my colleagues. Jennifer has helped me make a dramatic change in my leadership style that has immensely improved collaboration for our entire executive team. I wish I could have had this coaching years ago." JoAnne Whiteman, VP of Operations, National Church Residences 1st Division President, Fortune 500 Organization "I started getting feedback from my team that told me this is really working. It helped tremendously."


Leader Effectiveness


  • Taking leadership to the next level
  • Enhancing strategic thinking
  • Improving executive presence
  • Supporting executive onboarding
  • Improving decision making and execution
  • Managing vision and purpose


  • Co-create coaching engagement plan
  • Align the coach and the client
  • Measure impact using pre- and post-assessments
  • Partner with an internal sponsor
  • Increase awareness and insights
  • Explore behavioral and strategic options

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