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Reshape your culture to deliver on your strategy.

Culture Development

The challenge: Edgar Schein, professor emeritus at MIT/Sloan School of Management and leading author on organizational culture, said “Getting better at what you already do is not enough – it is inadequate for the era we are in and increasingly going into. How much capability: speed, cost and innovation are companies leaving on the table – untapped …”

PathFinders work with leaders to shift core beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors to enable acceptance and execution of new strategies; prepare leaders to involve and align associates; and build organizational capability for ongoing culture alignment.

An extensive study funded by the Harvard Business School Division of Research found that companies with performance-enhancing cultures achieve significantly better results than companies without performance-enhancing cultures.

Better Net Income Growth
Better Revenue Growth
Better Stock Price Growth
Corporate Culture & Performance, John P. Kotter & James L. Heskett. The Free Press 1992, p 78.



  • Engaged and committed workforce
  • Shared expectations of core behaviors
  • Accelerate and sustain change
  • Capability for innovation and growth
  • Align vision, strategy and culture


  • Partner with senior team
  • Assessment and diagnostic of strategy, culture and gaps
  • Co-create action plan
  • Define strategic requirements
  • Determine alignment, shift or transform culture

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