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Reshape your culture to deliver on your strategy.

Culture Development

The challenge: Edgar Schein, professor emeritus at MIT/Sloan School of Management and leading author on organizational culture, said “Getting better at what you already do is not enough – it is inadequate for the era we are in and increasingly going into. How much capability: speed, cost and innovation are companies leaving on the table – untapped …”

PathFinders work with leaders to shift core beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors to enable acceptance and execution of new strategies; prepare leaders to involve and align associates; and build organizational capability for ongoing culture alignment.

An extensive study funded by the Harvard Business School Division of Research found that companies with performance-enhancing cultures achieve significantly better results than companies without performance-enhancing cultures.

Better Net Income Growth
Better Revenue Growth
Better Stock Price Growth
Corporate Culture & Performance, John P. Kotter & James L. Heskett. The Free Press 1992, p 78.

HR Executive, Dale Carnegie & Associates "We are literally changing the culture. People are beginning to share more ideas. There’s a lot more collaboration and feedback, a lot more “stepping up” at every level." Aesthetic sky with clouds "Your willingness to design a program that met us where we were and your flexibility during the sessions produced great results.
The team has greater commitment to each other and to the overall Dale Carnegie Team." Christopher D. Noonan, 
SVP & 
 Dale Carnegie Training "Gail has an ability to build a work culture that is focused, energetic, upbeat, and productive. She led the merger of teams acquired from multiple international independent offices with keen insight and collaborative communication." Cynthia Picciano, VP HR, Sterling Commerce



  • Engaged and committed workforce
  • Shared expectations of core behaviors
  • Accelerate and sustain change
  • Capability for innovation and growth
  • Align vision, strategy and culture


  • Partner with senior team
  • Assessment and diagnostic of strategy, culture and gaps
  • Co-create action plan
  • Define strategic requirements
  • Determine alignment, shift or transform culture

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