Your deepest beliefs determine how you choose to live your life.

Here are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others.”
~  Groucho Marx

Values are the deepest beliefs and sentiments that you personally subscribe to. They influence how you want to live your life and they are key indicators in establishing your priorities

1.  In order to establish priorities you need to be really clear on your values. There are numerous value assessments online.  The most valuable process that we have found is a tool that takes you to the point of having one primary value.  Contact us and we would be happy to send you this free tool to help you establish your values.

2.  Spend time with your values and a journal. Think about the 3 things that are most important in your life and that without those 3 things your life would be significantly different. Those 3 things become the basis of your 3 life priorities.

3.  Write down your priorities and keep them in a place where you can refer to them often. They become the basis for decision making.  When you can see that the areas where you are spending you time does not line up with your priorities, it becomes much easier to decide to stop doing meaningless activity and to focus on the important things.

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Gail A. Froelicher is Founder, CEO and PathFinder of Kinetic Insights, LLC. For over 11 years, Gail and her team of PathFinders have journeyed with their customers to forge successful paths in rapidly changing business environments.

Gail A. Froelicher, CEO and Founder of Kinetic Insights, is an experienced executive with a proven and consistent record of established and emerging technology businesses. Throughout her 30 year career she has been successful in key leadership positions by motivating and developing teams that stress quality, integrity and respect for associates and business partners. View full bio