22 10, 2019

How One Fortune 500 Executive Grew from Managing Well to Leading Powerfully

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“What do you think about getting a personal executive coach to knock off […]

9 10, 2009

Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal with It: A Lesson for Women and Men Both!

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There is a great book by Roz Van Meter called Put Your Big Girl Panties on and Deal with It… Yes, that’s really the name. Van Meter was challenged by some friends to write a book using this infamous phrase, and she starts with the premise that we all have an adult and a child within us, and we have to chose which one reacts in the moment.

13 09, 2009

A-Players or C-Players — Where Do You Spend More of Your Time?

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When asking leaders which kind of person they spend the majority of their time with, A-players (the reliable producers) or C-players (the lower producers or those in the wrong job), they usually say C-players. But, is that the most effective and productive use of your time?

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