One of the greatest challenges for a leader is understanding the very real impact their behaviors have on their business at every level.

The Reflective Leadership Workshop will allow you, the participant, to gain deep insights into your own strengths, while understanding the impact of various aspects of your leadership style that could potentially impede the growth of your company.

The outcome of this two day workshop is to accelerate your leadership skills and positively impact the viability of your company.

Exhaustive research on the key components of leadership concludes that leadership style grows out of a unique combination of experiences, reflective insights, strengths, and weaknesses.  Our team of leadership experts will employ a series of experiential exercises designed to provide impactful insights that help you grow as a leader.

What can you expect from this workshop?

  • Understand how you show up to lead in good times and bad
  • Gain deep insights into your personal values and strengths as a leader
  • Realize your weaknesses and the impact on the bottom line of your business
  • Learn how your experiences growing up are serving you well or holding you back from realizing your potential as a leader
  • Grasp how trust issues could impact your growth
  • Recognize your Emotional Intelligence and understand the positive impact of continuing to refine it

When is it? Who should attend?

We are inviting a small, select group of women leaders like you to participate in the second “pilot” workshop scheduled February 7th & 8th. We will have a group dinner the night of February 6th so plan on coming in the night before.

We are looking for women business owners who manage over a $1M revenue base, or corporate women leaders who have a significant staff size (employees, staff, volunteers).


The Reflective Leadership Workshop will be held at the beautiful Cherry Valley Lodge, located in Newark, Ohio.  A block of rooms is reserved for Kinetic Insights, available for $119 per night.  If you choose to attend, please reserve early.  You may contact the Lodge directly at (888) 897-4599.

Cherry Valley Lodge

2299 Cherry Valley Rd SE

Newark, OH  43055

(888) 897-4599

Participation fee: 

For this pilot workshop, participants are being offered a significantly reduced rate of $500 for the 2-day workshop and assessments in return for insightful feedback on the workshop.  If you choose to accept your invitation to the pilot workshop, please send an email to

We will only accept 12 participants for this workshop, so register early.

Registration closes on January 28th at 6 pm.

Gail A. Froelicher, CEO and Founder of Kinetic Insights, is an experienced executive with a proven and consistent record of established and emerging technology businesses. Throughout her 30 year career she has been successful in key leadership positions by motivating and developing teams that stress quality, integrity and respect for associates and business partners. View full bio