Leadership emerges from the inside out

Twelve week workshop in six 2-hour sessions

To be a true leader, the first step is to become self-aware, understand who we are, what we believe, and how that affects our every day lives.

  • How strong is my foundation?
  • What are my core values?
  • Do I love what I do?
  • Am I doing what I should be doing based on my hard-wired strengths?
  • Do I know what my purpose is?
  • What legacy am I leaving?

Come on a journey to explore your leadership core by getting clarity on key questions and begin to create a vision, laying out the foundation and plan that will transform your future. This workshop will help you learn that you are an integrated being and that your foundation impacts who you are in the workplace, at home, and in every aspect of your life.

When you understand your core, you discover transformations in all areas of your life: becoming better leaders, better family members, and better friends. The ability to focus your time and talents will improve the results that you achieve in every aspect of life.

Workshops meet every other week for a total of 12 weeks in 6 two-hour sessions, and will begin each quarter throughout the year. Class sizes are limited and the setting is very intimate, with a select group of leaders who will share the journey with you.

Q2 Workshop Dates: Saturdays 10 am – Noon

April 17, May 1, 15, & 29, June 5 & 19

Gail A. Froelicher, CEO and Founder of Kinetic Insights, is an experienced executive with a proven and consistent record of established and emerging technology businesses. Throughout her 30 year career she has been successful in key leadership positions by motivating and developing teams that stress quality, integrity and respect for associates and business partners. View full bio